The Berry Fire Department was better established after the fire on August 1, 1932, when the fire destroyed nine buildings which was a large part of the business district. Then the city purchased a fire truck to help in the firefighting effort. The city purchased another fire truck in 1961. The City Fire Department has also purchased different types of equipment to improve the firefighting effort. Through these efforts, the City of Berry now has an ISO rating of 5.

The City Fire Department continually tries to improve the quality of our fire apparatus and equipment. Presently, we have a 1978 Ford Custom Cab with 1250 GPM pump as our Primary Pumper, a 1968 Ford 800 Super Duty with 1000 GPM pump as our Secondary Pumper and a 1983 Ford Ambulance converted to a Rescue Truck.

So the firefighters are ready to serve the city in a better way, the City Fire Department has monthly training in the fire house at 7:00 p.m. on the second and third Mondays of each month. The City Fire Department at present has 29 members with Orlar Whitaker as Fire Chief and Jim House as Assitant Fire Chief. The Fire Department at present has 17 certified volunteer members, 8 certified career members and 4 recruit members. If any individual would like to serve as a firefighter, please contact Orlar Whitaker for an application. The city fire phone number is 234-9619.

The Mayor and City Commission would like to thank all who are serving on the City Fire Department of Berry for donating their time and service to make our Fire Department a success.

Fire Chief
Assistant Fire Chief